Friday, November 18, 2016

Rousseau Inspired Collage

1st graders are studying the art of French artist, Henri Rousseau. We're focusing on Surprised! Storm in a Forest, 1891.  1st graders have been learning about the weather cycle and weather instrument in math and science.
The first day we printed textures on 6 different papers. On the second day we looked more closely at the painting and thought about how Rousseau's use of weather influenced the meaning of the scene. We watched a great video explaining the painting, then painted the top half of our paper gray with silver streaks of rain and white lightning.

The next class we discussed how Rousseau used the news, books, museums, and gardens to study plant and animals and get ideas for his subjects.  Rousseau wasn't a popular artist in his time and was often made fun of by other artist and critics. How would that make you feel? Why did he keep painting?
 Then we got to start collaging with our beautiful stamped papers starting with the trees and leaves in the background.
Next...the tiger! Stay tuned...


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