Thursday, February 27, 2014

Youth Art Month Show 2014

Join us at OCAF for the Oconee County Youth Art Month Show. 12 pieces from each school are on display through March 2014. Here is the art from CFES. 

Day of the Dead Skull Pendants

Who knew kids could get so excited about skulls?! 5th graders learned about the Mexican celebration Day of the Dead, Nov.1-2.  They sculpted these skulls from small pieces of clay and added eyes and details with old marker caps and clay tools, then used an old skinny paintbrush (long screws work too) to poke holes through the skulls.  The next class the students started by painting the clay white then using bright colors to decorate.  The last step was string and a coat Modge Podge to seal the designs.  The project was simple but the students had to show patience and a steady hand to work on the small surface.

Holiday Cards for Heroes

This is a bit delayed but I am finally getting caught up on my blog.  Before the holiday break Art, Music, and Media worked together to create Holiday Cards for Heroes through the Red Cross.  It was fun to work together on messages and images.  It put us all in the holiday spirit to think of others that help so much.