Monday, February 25, 2013

Space in Space!

What is space?
The answers of course began with stars, planets, and aliens. Then we discussed what the word space means in art. That if can be positive and negative and that it can be the creation of depth and distance.
The students began by tracing their shoes at the bottom of the paper and their own hands at the top of the paper. They used a little teamwork to help with the hand they write with.  Then they drew themselves as astronauts smaller connecting the hands and feet as if they are reaching forward.  They used their knowledge of the planets from 2nd grade science to add planets, space shuttles, and details to their space suits.  They colored the astronaut and planets with crayons and watercolor for outerspace.  I have been trying to use up supplies that I may not want to pack in SPLOST remodel next summer and even though I let them use the glitter freely it seem to replenish itself!


Kindergarten Art Lessons

So we have been doing so fun art lessons but I am in need of making more time for updates!  Here area a few Kindergarten lessons we have done this year - Color, texture, repeating shapes, patterns and of course horses our school mascot!